New work: A couple more designs

Sometime inspiration hits and you have to get it out. I created a couple more options for the Genesis Internships logo design and I thought I would share. If you notice, the bottom design is similar to a previous concept. The first one was too dark and but I like the idea. So add new … Continue reading

New Work: Evolution of a Logo Design

I have been tasked to design a logo for a new (and exciting, I might add) startup – Genesis Internships. Genesis is a platform to bring college interns and employers together to find a great fit for both parties. Intern profiles, company info and reviews will be available for everyone to make the best choices … Continue reading

Adobe’s new “Muse”

Adobe announces a new technology, beta named Muse. It claims to let designers build websites “without worrying about the code.” I really like Adobe products and I think they do great work, but I am certainly skeptical about this. I would say don’t give up on good design and knowing a little code just yet… … Continue reading

Google search update

Ah, there we go. My SEO efforts for are now seeing positive gain. It is now on page 2! Page 2 is good, but not good enough. Actually what I’m more concerned about is getting Erin’s “Google Places” listing to show up on the first page. There was a conflict with the listing and Google’s guidelines, … Continue reading

A Great Filming Opportunity

On Saturday, I helped Columbia Access Television film a very moving ceremony downtown. The event was a monument dedication for James T Scott, a black man accused of raping a white woman and lynched before he was to stand trial. Article This happened in 1923—a truly shameful bit of Columbia history. After all these years, … Continue reading hacked

In a disturbing but pleasantly transparent note, announced someone had gained low level (root) access to their servers. Read about it here. It stinks that this has occurred, but I do find it refreshing that WordPress were quick to respond and straightforward about what had happened. Change your passwords everyone!

Google search update

My SEO efforts for have taken a step back. It seems the tweaking I have been doing to the website has actually lowered the position in Google. It is now on page 16?! Hopefully this is temporary. Hopefully webmaster tools will give me some insight…