Interview with Designer Chip Kidd

I came across an insightful and really well done interview with the great Chip Kidd. I was turned on to the work of Chip Kidd a few years ago by my friend Lori. She lent me the book The Cheese Monkeys which really nails a few basic truths about being a designer. Mr. Kidd is not only an author but an accomplished designer and constant dabbler.

Jurassic-Park-jacket cover

One of Kidd's designs, you may have seen it...

A line in the first paragraph of the article about Kidd states, “Uninterested in design trends and fashions…” I too, try (try is the operative word) to approach my designs in this manner.  My inspiration comes from my surroundings and not what others are doing. I am striving for timeless, not trendy.


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