Fun with Fonts

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of font related websites that I thought I would share.

The first is a useful OpenType font named Web Symbols from Just Be Nice Studio and as you guess from the name, it is like Webdings, but for modern web design. This typestyle will come in handy for wireframing and useful for actual icons on your website. I think the spinning gears are a nice touch.

web symbols font

Web Symbols

typewar website

The other link I want to share is purely for fun. Are you the kind of type nerd who takes pride in being able to identify 1,254 fonts strictly by it’s x-height? Me too! This website is for you. is a game that puts fonts side by side and you guess the font. How fun is that?! Create an account and then you can customize the difficulty to your liking. Give it a try!


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