New Work: Evolution of a Logo Design

Genesis logo sketchesI have been tasked to design a logo for a new (and exciting, I might add) startup – Genesis Internships. Genesis is a platform to bring college interns and employers together to find a great fit for both parties. Intern profiles, company info and reviews will be available for everyone to make the best choices for their goals.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to illustrate the work and thought process that goes into developing a super design. So the next few posts will take you through the steps to achieve a professional quality logo. Without any further ado, I present step one, grabbing the old pad and pencil and sketching out ideas.

The concept direction I received from the client was simply put: transparency for companies and users, the feeling of stating something new, and a social or communal feel. I had tried to incorporate one or more of the ideas into the concepts. We are at an early stage in the game, but a stage that is crucial and will point the way for the rest of the project. Stick around for the ride!


3 thoughts on “New Work: Evolution of a Logo Design

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