Adobe’s new “Muse”

Adobe announces a new technology, beta named Muse. It claims to let designers build websites “without worrying about the code.” I really like Adobe products and I think they do great work, but I am certainly skeptical about this. I would say don’t give up on good design and knowing a little code just yet…


3 thoughts on “Adobe’s new “Muse”

  1. You can take a loot at the site here . It was built using Muse (code name) and, while the design is nice, the HTML is absolutely horrid. It’s just div upon div upon div upon div. Sure, it’s standard compliant but hardly efficient and definitely not clean which affects load time and SEO. I’m a fan of most Adobe products but Muse is bad on so many levels.

    • Developers wouldn’t agree with me but I wish someone would make a technology that would “take all the coding” out of web design, because I am so comfortable with print design. But alas, ’tis only a dream.

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