Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google Book Review

Over the weekend I finished the book,  Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google by Aaron Goldman. I would highly reccomend the book to anyone who is interested in the mysteries of Adwords adverstising and internet marketing in general.

Mr. Goldman’s book is not strictly about Google—it actually gives great insight into other aspects of marketing, branding and making your business great.

The two most interesting chapters to me were strategies in writing effective adwords ads. His advice is to start by describing your company and it’s function and writing and ad that would fit in a Tweet (140 characters) and then distill that down into something that would fit into an Adwords ad (95 characters.) The other chapter goes into detail about finding and developing you Unique Selling Proposition (USP.) This was a something I knew but never had it described to me in such a clear and unique way. His technique can really be a jumping off point for developing your brand in so many ways.

I will talk a little more about the book later, but I say go pick it up. You will really learn something.


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