Chartwell Font, the Infographic Font

I just found this little bit of amazingly clever hackery. FF Chartwell is a an astonishingly clever hack of font technology, which allows you to build  stunning graphs without spreadsheets. Here’s the link

Interview with Designer Chip Kidd

I came across an insightful and really well done interview with the great Chip Kidd. I was turned on to the work of Chip Kidd a few years ago by my friend Lori. She lent me the book The Cheese Monkeys which really nails a few basic truths about being a designer. Mr. Kidd is not only … Continue reading

New Project! Stoked!

I just landed a really exciting project that I was hoping to get. I am very fortunate and I am going to give 110%. I know, a percentage greater than 100 is impossible… or is it? Jason Kottke doesn’t think so.

T-shirt time!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone and it’s once again time for Grant Elementary school t-shirt time. For the last four years, my fabulous photographer friend Stacie Pottinger and I visit the Fourth Grade class at Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School to give a lesson in graphic design and help them … Continue reading

Fun with Fonts

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of font related websites that I thought I would share. The first is a useful OpenType font named Web Symbols from Just Be Nice Studio and as you guess from the name, it is like Webdings, but for modern web design. This typestyle will come in handy for wireframing and … Continue reading

QR Code Quick Tip

For graphic designers out there incorporating QR Codes into your print designs—do not make the code any smaller than 1.5″. It is my experience that if the code is any smaller, many smart phones including my I-Phone cannot recognize the code, especially in low light. That is my quick tip for today. Thank you.

You Need Video? They Do That.

I just wanted to give a quick plug to Baker HD. Thom Baker and the fine folks at BakerHD have launched a new website designed by Alex Rodriguez (no not the baseball player.) But he is just as talented as A-Rod and can hit it out of the park for your website, too. And if … Continue reading